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HR Design Programs

NEO Hiring Manager's Toolkit

For the New Employee Onboarding website, these infographics carried over the colors and tone of the corresponding website page and assisted in displaying sleek, simple and cool graphics representing their respective data points for the Hiring Manager’s Toolkit section.

Playbook for RBR Program

This interactive .pdf, (e-zine) was developed to provide information on the course offerings for the program. This 108-page .pdf featured linkable buttons from the navigation pane, charts embedded within the pages, and listings with specific course selections.

San Jose Career Day

For this yearly event, a series of over 20 posters were designed to provide information and location services for various departmental events. These were displayed as large directional signs, posters and banners.

Talent Week Israel

In preparation for this annual event, posters, flyers, placemats and other branding elements were designed to create awareness and provide important information relative to schedules, locations and program details.

Leadership Pipeline

This event’s agenda was designed to be easily viewable on iPads that were distributed among attendees. Posters and other branding material were also designed to support the event.